It’s in his blood. Since the time that Garret could express his own likes and dislikes, he has made it known that racing is his passion.  Even prior to being old enough to drive, Garret’s only focus was auto racing. Today at the age of twenty Garret is adamant about his goal to become a successful NASCAR driver.

At the age of five Garret began racing at the Puget Sound Go Kart club races in the Kid Kart category.  Advancing to Junior and Rookie Sportsman in 2004 Garret finished 2nd behind his brother Travis.  In 2005 Garret began racing dirt karts in addition to the asphalt karts and ended the season with seven championships.  2006 marked Garret’s first season racing mini sprints which also ended in a championship win at Deming Speedway.

The 2007 racing season was spent traveling the West Coast to gain additional experience and expertise by competing on a range of tracks with a variety of competitors.  2008 brought additional wins and marked a change in racing venue for Garret to asphalt, as he began driving a Northwest Legend in which he would achieve title of champion in 2010.

During the 2011 racing season Garret entered the Super Late Model class after a season opener win in the Legend car at Yakima Speedway’s Applecup race.  Garret was asked by Fox Sports Radio to be a guest on their weekly racing show on which the host said “This kid has incredible talent...”  He continues to compete in NASCAR K&N series with the goal of advancing in the NASCAR ranks.

The racing skill that Garret possesses has not gone unnoticed by other professionals. Those in the industry who know him have the utmost respect for Garret’s unique ability to apply advanced racing strategies to compete successfully.

Although Garret has had great success in his fifteen-year racing career, he continues to exhibit an attitude of conviction and humility.  Garret has been recognized by his peers for his uplifting sportsmanship and by his fans for his determined competitive attitude.  Garret Archer possesses not only the skill but also the mental attitude that it takes to achieve his dream of being a professional race car driver.